Monday, April 11, 2005

Am I a Reference?

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day taking my friend from Chicago around good ol' Orange County showing him the ropes. He just got his car and had no idea to even get to the beach, so I showed him the way. So while were crusin' Main St. in Huntington Beach all of a sudden my frind in the back seat grab my shoulders and said, "Look...its that girl you know that I know that...come on whats her name? B.O girl!!!" Ok, I knew exactly who he was talking about, she was a girl a year younger then myself who I went to high school with, and yes she does smell pretty weird. It made me think......... am I known to any one as a specific description? How am I recongnizable to the exes friends? I know Im not known all the time as that one girl you were totaly in to, or the one. Yeah right, I won't give my self that much credit. But every guy I know who has an ex, their ex becomes not a name but a description. I have a few that I have given to some of my has beens, I have likes to hump my friends legs boy, the guy who goes by the name "chewy" and likes to start fights with whatever guy is standing next to me, drunk guy who likes to pass out in bathtubs, one who got kicked out of the state of California, one with the big ass tounge and had no idea what he was doing with it. I probaly have a name for them all, and the sad part is that my friendss probally don't remember their names I just have to say that one little refernce and they will know exactly who I am talking about.


At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the stonner who would give the world snapple and taco bell! You go girl!!!!


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