Thursday, March 24, 2005

You Think You Know

You really do never know. I dont want to pinpoint that into one specific incident but Im sure it will end up that way. You can wake up one morning with a completely different perspective on anything and everything. People can surprise you, you think you know, but truthfully people are completely full of the element of surprise. I am talking about this beacuse it just seems to me lately that people I know are doing things I would never though they had in them. They grow up, get down, change lives, and do stuff that you couldn't believe.

Im sure your wondering what I am pointing this babble about, and I really cant say. Its just an observation and I have a situations. I have one great one in particular and it is some fucking two faced son of a bitch cocksucker who I use to work with, you know the type all lies and bullshit. Well he could of been named the king of fucking bullshitville. He has been lying to me to my face for god knows how long and also to my boss doing unbelievable stuff to sabatoge our company. It is just unbelievable and I cant even let you know what he did because it is getting pretty ugly. I hope he gets what is coming to him. People like that deserve to get the shit kicked out of them.

On a brighter note......Now I have an actual reason to hate him. Before it was more of a pitty like with him? You know what I mean, the type that makes you feel sorry for them but you know dep down they are lame and you dont like them? Oh well life goes on right? I have been feeling extremly stress out with this whole situation that has been going on and now more so then any I need a vacation! I have no money and I dont know anywhere I could go that I wouldn't need money for. I should just get up and go and for just one day in my life not worry about where I will end what or what I am going to do. Do you ever feel like doing that? I need to do that to gain what little bit insanity I have left in my poor fragile little mind. Fucking A, growing up is lame and the older you get the more you realize who fucking stupid people can really be. Adleast the OC is on tonight, this day would be complete shit. See, if I had a Seth Cohen alike I wouldn't be so stressed out so much because of work, I would have a cute boy to go home to, no instead I have a hamster that I swear is the fucking anti-christ of hamsters. Her name is squirrel and she maked the most possesed sounding noise if you even try to pick her up, she does not let me touch her and she insist of putting ALL her food in her all plastic wheel and run top speed on the dot of 3am every night. She dispise me. All Ive ever done was love her but she insist on biting me. Does she not understand that I am soley the only person keeping her alive because I feed her and change her cage! Damn, what does that say that I cant even get a fucking hamster to like me. Well, apologies to anyone who expected a happy post, Im mad and Im tired and this post was perfect therapy to help with that, so wish me luck on having a better week.


At 10:43 AM, Blogger yayaempress said...

Well, I certainly hope you have a better weekend and a fabulous week next week. By the sounds of it, you deserve it. Hell, at least it's Friday!

At 1:59 PM, Blogger franchini said...

I had a cat that was like your hamster - ungrateful, neurotic, vicious and miserable. I gave it to my mum. I hope you are having a better week .


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