Monday, February 28, 2005

Another One Bites The Dust

What to do, What to do. Last night my friend AA pretty much screamed and yelled at me for really (I believe) no apparent reason, except for asking him why he fast forward the academy awards (they have TiVo or some complicated shit like that). Well, AA didn't like that comment I made and just completely blew up. Agressed anger, I think so. So after a few minutes of him storming out of the living room and pretty much everyone looking at me like what the fuck was that? I went in his room and apologized if I hurt his feelings and that I didn't mean to. Well, I was a little mad that he got so upset with me, I didn't stick around to talk about it. Plus, I know this guy likes me so I din't want to have him poor his heart out to me right then and there, i was not ready for it. Espically, considering the fact I feel nowhere near the same towards him as he does for me. So, I continue with what I am doing and try to blow it off. Well, so he tries calling me after I left but, once again didn't feel the need to talk about it. He leaves me a message explaining how he has been really emotional lately and apologizing again to me. So I think OK it wasn't that big of a deal and he really didn't need to apologize again I was over the whole situation. Then first thing when I get to work I check my email, and he send me an email pretty much apologizing again, and also includes how much he cares about me and pretty much included a poem he wrote for me. It was a very sweet email ( and know I am not going to post it, I have some sense of consiteration.) But, Im weird nad I am the first to admit it. But when a guy is very obvious to me who they feel, and are extra in your face about it, it almost meaked me mad. I know that sounds weird, but make me mad that someone can feel so strongly about me and it makes me mad that I cant feel that way back. He is a cool guy, but my friend and I have nowhere near those feelings for him. Nowhere. And, it was a really sweet poem and women espically me would die to have someone they care about feel the same way and express there feelings to them like that. But, it is not the person who I want to send it to me. And now on top of everything I had to reply to his email with how I truly feel and I am sure it is not what he wanted to hear after pouring his feelings to me, but it needed to be know or else everytime I see him he is going to say comments to me, that quite frankly make me feel very uncomfortable since its someone who I am not into. Well, hopefully he can acept my friendship because that is all I can offer to him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Beating of Your Heart

J.B - slow hands, love, music everywhere, desperate, mind lifting, life changing, true emotion
N.M - ackward, confused, trys, never will, hello moto, never again
P.T - missings, spirts remain high, let down, mixed up, friend?
T.M - broken, sincerity, lost, trys, I let down, delicate, fragile, scared
B.B - No ones listening, no idea, around, mocking, emotions careless
A.A - powerful, staring, scary, annoying, constantly ringing, too much
A.O - drugs, everywhere, streets, prision, love, first, hurtful, harm, depression, death
J.K - far away, good bye, benches need warmth, hurt, pain, lasting lifelong

You took her heart, and right through it flew away. Somwhere only I know, and will never escape. Love? No, but some close seconds.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Well Its Like This

Time for some random thought floating around at this.....very.....moment......

*Going to see THE USED on April 1, 05 in San Diego, and no it is not a joke.
*Why do I hate work when its either extremely busy or extremly slow? What sucks though is there is no happy medium.
*Why do people feel like they always have to respond to your blog by giving there opinion on the type of person you are? I just read a blog about a girls 10 random things about herself and a guy commented by stating that from what he can tell she is in love with herself, but that was just his observation.
*What dont the rejects from American Idol last night get about the part that they are not good enough and they are not what they are looking for?
*Why do you have to dress up to work in a business, I should say a cubicle to sit there all day answering phones and typing away when you ralerly see anyone? I wear jeans everyday, no one notices.
*Am I the only person who thinks U2 new stuff the past few years is nothing special, actual I would catergorize it as....bad?
*Does anyone really think these jokes are funny? Because acording to the funniest jokes of all time list they are-"Animals may be our friends. But they wont pick you up at the airport."
*But is it weird that I found this one to be absoultly hilarious?-"I bought a box of animal crackers and it said on it, Do not eat if seal is broken...So I opened up the box, and sure enough...."
*Why the fuck is the air conditioner on full blast at 5pm?
*And last but not least, Why the Hell did they cancel Mystery Science Theater 3000???????

Life is so odd sometimes.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Get Your Grammy On

Happy V-Day Everyone!

But, enough of that. I have to give my props to the Grammy people who plan all the performance and so on. That was one bad ass show! They couldn't of opened the show any better then having Black Eyed Peas, Franz Fernandad, Gwen, and Maroon 5 rock the hell outta that stage! I was espically excited to see my new favorite band Franz rock out. Then I also have to say this is the first year I think they actually had various people win, because normally you have a Norah Jones or a Alicia Keys wipe out the whole show. But, hells ya for Green Day long overdue, Kayne who deserved to adleast win 1 award, Maroon 5 and Adam for being one hella fine man! =) Oh yea! And ya ya Usher. There were only 2 things that pissed me off (and thats pretty good) was the whole Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony duet? Was it just me or did it just resemble way to close to a really REALLY bad mexican soap opera? And GRRRRRR..........U2. Anyone except U2 I would have been happy winning the caterory for I believe best rock album?! The Killers are fucking amazing, Franz are just as if not more amazing (both are my new pleasures) was Modest Mouse in this one? Or maybe the alternative group, I dunno, and Green Day! COME ON! U2 has the most annoying song of the year. YEAYEAYEAYEAYEA....come on! No good comes out of a song that repeats YEA about 20 fucking times! I'm sorry but, reagardless of record sales, anyone of those other bands deserved that award, BUT I will give Bono a high five (oh! Miss...haha) for acknowledging the other bands for being the new age of amazing bands that I thank God for! Could you admagine if Backstreet Boys and O-Town were still ruling the air waves? *Need happy thoughts....QUICK*

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Valentines = Drunk

Well with Valentines Day creeping around the corner I just realized how much I dispise V-Day. Acourse its because I am one of those bitter single people who have no boyfriend (boy toys dont count on V-Day) and so I'm thinking bar scence defentially! Maybe meet some others who are in the same boat. Who's coming with me?!

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Little Help Here

Can I ask the guys a questions?

Why would you call up a girl and ask them to hang out and ask if they wanted to hang out on super bowl and pretty much invite yourself to the party the girl is going to and never call back?
Why would they even call in the first place and make plans and an effort with the intention of not calling?