Thursday, December 16, 2004


So I just want to let everyone know that Jack in the Box is out of Tomato's! WHAT?!! I know, I went in there last week and they told me that I could not have a tomato on my chicken sandwich. Oh boy I wanted to jump over the counter and smack her and say, "Get me my damn Tomato!!! AHHHHH" FYI, I was PMSing at this time of the week, so I belive that is forgivable of my action-thoughts. Well, I was almost about ready to ask why they were out of tomato's when a sign caught my attention, and it read "Due to the recent Hurricanes we are experiencing a shortage of Tomato's....." Um, Hurricanes? They get there tomatos in Flordia? I mean doesn't California have a decent supply of Tomato's? Shit, I could get them my dad's number he has a shit load of Tomato's and Im sure he wouldn't mind selling them some. I mean If I owned a fast food chain like that I would walk my ass across the 3 parking spots that seperate Jack in the Box to the Vons located right behind them and by some tomato's. Im sorry but I am one of those people who cant have a burger with them, and I know I am making a deal outta this but it was so hard to belive it was commical.

Well with Christmas right around the corner knocking on my door shoving it in my face I am being quite the Bah-Humbug this year. Im thinking its mostly from the Lack of Funds I am experiencing and the list of people to buy for just keeps getting longer and longer. I know when its christmas morning it will hit me and Im sure i'll be a little bit more christmassy but Im not really feeling it now.


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