Friday, December 03, 2004

In Case of Emergency

Ok, bring on the Bitch Fest:

Why are old people allowed to drive? Seriously, im not trying to been mean or discrimination but come one! the old lady next to me cut in from of me across the car pool lanes (she was in the carpool) and didnt even try to signal when there was an opening for her to merge about 5 seconds ago, and as she was cutting me off pissing me off I should say, she ended up cutting off 3 motorcycle riders who were in clear view of her if she would of looked before cutting across the lanes and cause 1 to almost fall off his bike cuz they had to slam on there brakes so quick. Well I though this was the funny part, as they drove off the last motorcycle driver kicked her side door. Is that bad I couldn't stop laughing?

Why are cell phones given to incompitant people who first off cant drive worth shit then you give them a device that all of a sudden makes there 65 mph speed limit drop to 40 mph? Bad enough half these people can barely chew gum and walk but, talk on the phone and try to concentrate on the road? Impossible! This little girl (shit little she probaly was my age 22) had one arm wrapped in back of the passenger head seat and the other holding her phone? I know. Picture traffic flow picking up to about 60-70 mph on the 405 south in prime time 8am traffic on a friday morning. Not exactly the best time to be practicing driving with you feet! She was swerving all over the lane. I cut that lame ass off quick style. She was bound to smash up someone.

And last off, come on Chinesse people! Im sorry but I live in a prominate chiness/ Vietnamess city. Shit our tourist attraction is Little Siagon! And they are everywhere!!!!! They drive 20 mph in a 45 zone, they leave there blinkers on for 5 miles before they actually turn. Its like a guessing came I swear! They can barely even she over the stearing wheel. This morning this asian dude did the whole merge lane too slow merrge back opps too slow again merge merge merge!!! He must have been pissed off because he ended up behind me about 6 times durning our driving experience. And worse everytime I made sure he saw me laughing my ass off. And worse then all this? An old Asian on a cell-phone. Oh god, Im getting a bus pass.


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