Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Chase

I'm having yet another delima and would LOVE some outside opinions on the matter:

I know this guy Nick and we have been seeing eachother for quite a few months since August I belive and we dont hang out very often but he calls me about everyday or I get the wonderful Text Messages. He's a really cool guy but, hes 24 still lives at home, doesn't have a job and well really never makes a huge effort to see me. He does live far and has been going to school for 16 units? I think. But, I was pretty into him when I first meet hime but he did the whole flake thing way to often so I took a step back and said if he wants to see me then he needs to make the effort because I was sick of hearing the LAME excusses. Well he did make a huge improvemnet and things were going better then one night while we were heavly hanging out and well he ended up staying the night, and let me say I have no regrets for doing so because it was a long time and well I needed it. But, now im really not that into him anymore. He now seems more interested and now he calls me all the time, but now it just is too late. He is a great guy who I have a lot of fun with but I dont get the funny butterfly feeling that I use to get with him and I feel like once that feeling is gone it isn't fun anymore. I like that giddy feeling I get when I am really into someone, and now it just seems almost annoying. I feel really bad but we has the whole agreement that we were just hooking up and having fun and bothing serious, and I think what turned me off about him was that I got set up on a blind date and when he asked me how it went I told him the truth that I had a great time (I really did) and it was alot of fun. Once I said that I felt the jealousy and that turned me off because he started acting very weird and like a jealous boyfrind. Im sorry Im not into that espically if you are not my boyfriend. Why is it when you stop acting like you care is when they actually start caring?


At 10:49 AM, Blogger .¤. Baby Rabbit .¤. said...

Hey... I dont really know what to tell you except just tell him the truth - tell him that your not as into him as you were before. Tell him that you didnt think he was into you but after you did whatever, and he started being jealous it really got to you and thats not the kind of relationship you want to be in. I dont know... just giving you ideas. Anyways, have a good day!

At 12:48 PM, Blogger yayaempress said...

Baby Rabbit has a good idea. Just tell him the truth.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Rico said...

Keeping the truth from him will hurt him more. Tell me what you feel, because hiding things from him will only cause more pain to both of you. I hope everything turns out well and you can still be friends. Best of luck!

At 10:49 AM, Blogger biggaysam said...

Truth is always good. Better a clean cut than a long drawn out nasty ending. ;o)

At 11:10 AM, Blogger bopperholly said...

Hey guys! Thanks for your input I really appreciate that, so I finally got the nerves and told him and I think i couldn't have done it in better timing becuase I think If I did wait it would of hurt more and everything is fine and I am not hated by him. Thanks again, its always better to hear outside opinions because they dont look at the situation judging it on you but on the whole. =)


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