Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sex, Lies and Tattoos

So I haven't written in a week and well I have nothing too crazy to talk about. I went to the Social Distortion concert on Saturday night at the Wilthern in Los Angeles. It was amazing, Tiger Army opened up for Social D and I absoutly love them! They sang a little too fast but its all about that stand up bass! Then I got to drive back to LA and hang out for 6 hours as my friends car died after the concert and then got his keys locked in his car then we got to wait for a tow truck............we pretty much were stuck in a little grassy lot in the middle of the ghetto freezing our asses off. I have never seen so many fine ass tattoo men in my life though! I ended up doing more "people" watching then actually watching Mike Ness rock out. Oh well it was all dandy.

I had a run in with my old best friend who I was the Maid of Honour in her wedding. She randomly popped up at my house with her hubby and there baby girl Madison. Who was just absoultly adorable. I miss her so much, I dint think I did but after seeing her I really do. She is up in Sacramento now trying to get there shit together (drama drama) then hopefully moving down here by Spring. I cant wait, Im a Auntie! We had a falling out over a year ago due to differences of opinions and lifstyles, and hopefully the time spent apart can help our friendship. I need her back in my life, too many good times and faboulos memories.

Just out of curiousity: How would you deal in this situation? A girl I know lets say "C" got in a nasty ass fight with her boyfriend because, well, he's an alcoholic. And hes also 35 years old and shes 22. She swore (and I have heard this one before) she was going to leave him if she caught him one more (x1000) time drunk passed out on his cough she was going to leave. Let me break this down when she meet him she knew he was a recovering alcoholic and that he had 5 DUI's and obvioulsly didnt drive (hence the 5 DUI's there goes the lightbulb!) well she meet him at work and had werid older men fantisies about him and decided she was going to act on them. Next thing I know Im meeting lets call him "AA" (haha) and there you go full blown relationship. Well last Wednseday I was having a guy Im interested in coming over to hang out, and right as he is pulling up I get a call from "C" histarically crying saying she needs to go to a hospitol and get stitches! Her fingers falling off! It wont stop bleeding! She full went to his house to pick him up to stay the night then on Thanksgiving go to his parents house for grub and good times. Well she walks in the door and noticed him passed out on the couch, and in his case passed out=drunk. They started fighting and she threw a glass folwer vase at him and shattered it everywhere and sliced her middle finger off. Ouch, I stayed on the phone w/ her as she was yelling about everything that just happen. And I run out and bought a "First Aid Kit" (gauze and tape) and stitched her right up. Well that guy who was there is a puss and cant stand the sight of blood, and he totally got grossed out. I felt like such a man! I took care of everything! But here is the thing, "C" was talking to me about how much she loves him and wants him back, and if she's going to take him back, and so on, She was going off for like a good 20 minutes untill I not-rudley interupted here and asked in a very loving, sincere way, "C, after tosing a vase at his head have you maybe thought that he might not want to take you back?" I really don't think she every thought that and I could tell in her eyes that she didn't want to hear it, and shit, its always me that has to say it.

My cat died. Very sad. She was my favorite thing in the world. Her name was Tigera and she was 14 years old when she passed away on Thanksgiving. Poor thing had an Ulcer. She was such a cool kat, and the best thing about her was that she loved to be petted with your feet. You just had to sit on the couch all comfty and she was just have her way with your feet. Ok, that sounded kinda bad. Sorry if you haven't noticed I pretty much just type and let my fingers do the magic, I dont really think before I say anything. She was a great cat and I miss her and love her though and I just wanted a moment to share that. We also have a cat named Tink who we have had for about a year who is so cool, she is chilling on top of my computer as I write away. She's just watching me admiring my beauty, who is sad because Tigra is gone but is almost looking at me saying that she's sorry and that She is sad too. And about 2 weeks before Tigera died, a weird new Black cat started lurking around our back yard. It turnes out that our neighbor got it to kill the rat problem they were having but instead moved out right when they got him. So he had no where to go and found his way to our home. The timing is too coniencidential to look pass. We named the new cat Boomer, and Boomer and Tigera always looked like they were hanging out talking, chilling you know what cats do. And bam a few days later Boomer is sleeping in my newphews room and is part of the family. Its strange, cats have always just managed to get drawn to us.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Arthur said...

Yeah, most guys are assholes. I've got some good friends if you're ever in Indiana though. You need a good ol' midwest guy. We're different, well, maybe... My brother's out in CA, but he's got a girl for now. Anyways, good luck with that. Glad I'm a guy.
As for the drunk and "C," you're a good friend for telling her that, even if she won't listen. Very frustrating. Hope she listens to you.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Voodoo said...

Friends and relationships... they can be tough and it gets worse as we get older and the stakes go up. At least you had the courage to tell her what you thought. Good luck I am sure there will be more posts on this.

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Tigera. I don't know what I would do without my cats. I lost one last year and my husband and I were devastated.

:: Mona ::

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