Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Santa wants to send me to the Bahamas

Here goes my random thoughts of the day: (its a sloooow day....)

Santa = Bahamas? Hmmmm.....I dont think I've been good enough this year. Oh, if there was only such a thing. Maybe some of my nice friends will role play Santa this year? Maybe? No? Ok....I got this ridiculous idea from an email I just received asking me if I want Santa to send me to the Bahama's for Xmas. I would Prefer Greece or Ireland.

I want a guy to write a song about me, but not a sad depressing song about how you got your heart broken, and now you want to kill yourself. I think that is the best thing I could receive as a gift from someone that means so much to me, beacuse you know they sat down and thought it through and who knows how long it took them, and on top of that its all about you! Whats not to like about that.

I am becoming sickly obsessed with Texas Hold'em. I got the game on my new cell phone and had no idea how to play and know I could write a fucking book about it. I mean is that what my life is comming to 22 and addicted to gambling. I am in some serious need of professional help. (Plus Side) Adleast its not real money! Not yet.............."Hey anyone wanna go to Vegas baby?"

So I think Im going to become a perment Flapper, I wonder if they have professions like that? I was looking at pictures from halloween, and I wish I looked like that everyday. I have never gotten so much loving from the homies! =) (sorry ghettoness popping out) But serious, why couldn't we wear stuff like that everyday as normal attire without people making assumptions about the type of person you are. And trust me, I really dont give 2 shits what people think ( I consider that one of my good qualities) I really just dont care but, there is no way I could where that to work, and by the way where I practically spend every waking second of my life (well seems like it adleast). There already think Im weird.


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