Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Revised-"about me" (Take 2)

*I live in California
*I Live with 3 roomates, 2 Ive known since kidnegarden
*I drive a new car I got last weekend
*I am a Virgo
*I work at a lame job
*The love of my life just got married last weekend
*I am ok
*All my friends are in relationships
*I am very picky
*I am addicted to red bulls
*I love music
*I would love to one day become a famous photographer
*I have a dog named Tremor who pee's everytime he sees me.
*It actually makes me feel loved
*I am 5'8 which sometimes I wish I was a little shorter
*I am scared to death of spiders, and well I just dont care for bugs
*I want to go to Rome, Itlay, Hawaii, and New York
*I have driven from California to West Virgina
*I love to draw
*My friends are drama
*It takes me a long time to trust people
*I have had my heart broken 4 times
*I have broken many
*I won most memorable in my senior year of high school
*I wonder if they remember me
*I want to fall in love, it is the best feeling in the world
*I just dont want to get hurt
*I know to much useless knowledge
*I am really into this whole blogging concept
*But besides that I hate computers
*I use to smoke way too much weed
*Now I wish I still did
*I wish I had a tan
*I want 5 kids someday
*I want to get married once and do it right
*But not for a long time
*I love going out with my friends
*But I dont like going to clubs
*I am too honest
*I dont use my own advise
*I could live off of sushi
*My favroite Actor is Johhny Depp
*My Favorite actress is Drew Barrymore
*But the hottest are Jude Law and Ryan Phillippe
*The best movie ever is Garden State
*The best bands are Sublime, Finch, Linkin Park, Thrice and The Used
*I am in a boring stage
*I could go on forever but I dont like people to know me too much...........I enjoy the element of surprise.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger sucks and won't let me sign in as my real name.

I'm Alli. I blog. I talk about sex. I go to California to see my man every 2 weeks. I love pickles and doing the robot. I am a photographer and a writer. I like the backstreet boys sometimes. I also like Radiohead. And Stereolab. I loved your blog. I'll add it to my blogmarks.




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