Monday, November 08, 2004

Not Today

Today just isn't the day to talk to me, look at me or generally be in the same room as me. My work sucks, and well my manager sucks even more. Have you ever had one of these? Where if something goes wrong on there end it magically becomes your fault? You somehow get tricked into apologizing and then you realize, "What the hell am I apologizing for?" I dont kiss his or anyones ass here, if it is my fault I will be the first one saying sorry my bad. But, when it comes to taking the blame for someone else, im not cool with that. Grow some balls and face up. Grrrr........they make me so mad. It was my best friends birthday on the 6th so naturally like any other weekend, we partied and didnt sleep, except for my occasional Sunday reutine where I go to mom's house and sleep on the couch and get really, really lazy. I gotta catch up on my sleep, and fast.

Parking TicketWhere starting worst pick up line list. I found this one on my little Smiley Central. I have alot more but this one mad me HA a little bit. What is up with the pick up lines? I've never heard one that made my say, "oh my god, Im defentially going home with him" I remember the cornest one I heard was, "Hey, if I give you a quarter will ya call me?" Obviously before the world was taken over by cell phones. But, it still to this day makes me laugh and wonder if it actually worked on anyone? So if your out there and you remember me from 6 years ago standing in front of the Taco Bell in Garden Grove I need to know if that line ever worked so use that quarter and let me know.


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