Monday, October 25, 2004

Halloween Illusions is the worst store EVER!!!!

Worst weekend ever.................I couldn't even imagine that so much shit could happen to one person in an 48 hour period. And by the looks of today, its rolling over through the week so neet couple days I might change the title to Week from Hell! I had the worst experience of my life at Halloween Illusions right next to the Westminster Mall, any one heard of it DO NOT shop there! You cant try anything on and refund anything even if you go back within an hour. Oh and the fucking workers! Oh my god, since when by working at a halloween costume shop make you a fucking God amoung God's! Hey im not saying there is anything bad about working at a costume shop, hey I did work at one in the mall, but when I was fucking 15 years old! Not a 30 year old fucking drop out who couldn't even work her way up to assistant manager of the fucking Halloween shop because that would require reading and trust me, if you handed this lady a Dr. Suess book she would be shitting her pants. Im sorry but I have never dealt with such low business ethics and such rudeness form workers that are out there trying to give there business a good name....I though that was a company policy to try to make the store look good. Guess not, and by the way there way over priced too.

Well that was Saturday Morning. I forgot Friday night, I got set up on a "blind date". Im using quotations beacause i wasent informed it was a date, untill I got there. My friend, I need to hava a talk with her, told me that her dude that shes dating has a really cool friend that she was going to take to the movies and invited me to go. I asumed since we were going to the movies she wasnet expecting me to act like this was a date. Who goes to the movies on a first date? I couldnt even talk to him w/o getting shhhhhh'ed. Well he was a really cool guys, except for the fact he was kinda into the style of Goth. She explained it as punk rockish before metting, nope....Goth. i need to talk to her about the difference between that too. Im sorry, I know Im picky and well, thats not my cup o tea. He was 6'7, wearing boots that were half way to his knees, and quite a few chain accesories on him. Nice guy, not what Im looking for. Good movie though, go see The Grudge, scared the shizzy outta me. Then I felt kinda bad because I invited a couple friends to go, once again because I didnt think it was a DATE, well long story short, I ended up giving my number out, but just not to my blind date........Im bad, I know.
Well there is more to add, but unfortunatially I ran outta time and finger strength to go on, plus I gotta go back to work.


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hope your week gets better

go Red Socks!!


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