Friday, October 15, 2004

Did you hear that?

I have a feeling Im going to be freaked out of my mind! (Kinda sounds like a good thing huh?) Depends on how you look at it. Me and a few of my friends are going to Knotts Scary Farm which is a theme park by my house that during the month of October they turn it into almost like a giant haunted house type of gig. They have monsters running around chasing you with chain saw's and also mazes that you walk through that make me scared shittless! Im excited though, as weird as it sounds I like that scary feeling you get when you dont know whats gonna happen. YEAH! Cant Wait!

I wish I know how to make this look interesting by adding photos and etc to it, I feel like its so borning with just me talking away about shit you probaly dont care about, god I love it. You know what, I look damn cute mission (if I choose to accept it....make many men fall in love with me =) Just kidding...........but I do look hella cute today.


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