Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Day After Yesterday

Well Last night was pretty much what I predicted, I got the shit scared outta me. And you know its bad when you have your friends aganist you, plotting against you with the Monsters that work there. Damn it was a good time, thats what Im talking about I need more of those. All my friends are at an engagement party for some guy there friends with who Ive meet a total of 2 times (hence why I wasent invited) and also because of which Im sure of this guy is going to be there who I hooked up with a few times (who by the way I ended things with) and he's probaly going to be there with his girlfriend, yes I know, his girlfriend. And well lets just say in my defense I knew there was a girl he was with when I first meet him, but he swore they were not together anymore, but well, he lied. Like most men do. And well ever since I found out they were still lovey dovey I said "Fuck This I don have time for this Shit" He was so lame kind cute though....shame.


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