Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bored to the Bone

Im Bored, bottom line.

I get up every morning, run around the house like a mad women beacuse I usually hit snoze about 5 times too many, grab something to eat that I probaly shouldn't even have considered buying, sit in traffic for about an hour, come to work and watch everyone else who makes about twice as much as I do waltz in 1 maybe 2 hours late without a word getting said but heaven forbid if I leave 10 minutes early I gotta lotta nerve! Then I usually sit around for 8 hours thinking about how im 22 and I work in a place I told myself when I was 16 I would shoot myself if I worked here or anywhere like here (bang). Scared ya didnt I ? Well dont worry Im still here. But I do try to make the best of it, but its so hard when theres nothing to work with. I needa challenge, anything! I am sooooooo bored of doing the same thing, and my friends dont help they are all in there own disfunctuional relationships that rerquire all of there times (needy fuckers they deal with, but I actually like them) God you know what though I miss that, not the disfunction okay well maybe a little bit. I just miss having the exciment of someone around who actually wants to go out and do stuff, nobody has money, everyone works to fucking much, it sucks!!!


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