Thursday, September 09, 2004

To Do List

Here is what I need to do:

1) Learn to Let Go. Things will be much less painfull
2.) No be so closed up. Problem of mine, not letting people in, Ive realized there really arent that many people who actually know me, and I know its me putting up the wall, I need to let it down a bit and let people in.
3.) Hug more. I dont think I give or receive enough hugs, im going to make it a point everytime I see my friends/family to hug them, it just makes you feel better everyone needs a hug.
4.) Be more outgoing. the money situation has really effected this one, but I want to go out, do stuff, have fun. I want to say Ive done all that I ever wanted to.
5.) Be more curtious. Ask more how other people are feeling/doing, everyone wants to talk, there are just those few you have to initiate it with.
6.) Not worry so much. Life goes on after work, belive it or not, dont stress out about the little things, dont worry about what they think, do what makes yourself happy.
7.) Try harder to make that extra step. Self explanitory.

I need to work on these to make my life alot more happier, im not sad, im just bored. I was like that in high school, now 4 years later I feel like I lost that loving feeling! I need that back, I was so much more happier. Growing up cant be this depressing.


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