Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

I hope so. So far so good, (knock on wood) So I meet a new guys, took me out to lunch and said he will call me later tonight to hang out. I hope so, he seems nice. But the worst part of that is just having them say they will call and them never hearing from them. I think its just more polite to Say you know what I dont think this is going to work out, maybe we could just be friends. So much better, one thing I need is closure, thats not bad is it? I think the vast majority of people including myself would rather hear the truth then nothing at all.

So I have a doctors appointment next week, and it is the first time im actually quite shaken by it, I've had irregular blood test results on my liver and they have ruled out hepititias, and well they are checking for cancer now. They are saying they arent for sure what it is thats my they need to run all these different blood/ lab test, I had to get an ultrasound a few weeks ago, kinda funny beacuse you think pregnant when you hear ultrasound, well you have to register/be admitted before you can go back into the hospital. Well it turns out my old friend from high school works there and he was the one registering me, we shoot the shit for a while then he asks me why im here, I tell him ultrasound, and he just gives me this look like, dont tell me your pregnant! No! No! NO! Now dont go around starting rumors, thats the last thing I need is having everyone think Im pregnant, but hey Ive heard them all! So I get my results back on the 10th, Im doing the whole Peter Pan thing now and trying to think happy thoughts, but I like to think everything happens for a reason, but what would this mean?

On top of that I am worrying because my best friend just had her car taken away from her (REPO) and well I dont know how I get myself into this stuff, offered her the $1500 to borrow it, Thank god for Washington Mutual Credit Crads! But I just dont want the money to interfer our friendship, I have know her since kidnegarden, and well I love her to death, would take a bullet for her, but money creates such evil and I just hope she wont fuck me over on this, I dont think she would, but there is always that tought in the back of your head. Also Im the only one who gets to listen to her about this because no one else knows, well except my sister (needed advice) and she has been calling me stressing me out with it, I think Im going to be diagnoised with stress/anexity any moment now....Sorry boss doctors note, gotta take a vacation! Hmm......could be a good thing?


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