Monday, August 09, 2004

That Damn Couch

Hit The Road Jack...Im listening to that song so it just kinda stuck.................Ray Charles man, that movie looks damn good, shame how people dont get fully appreciated untill after there gone. Just like Rick James Bitch!!! How did he die anyways? Still havent seen that Chappell Show episode, but I feel like I have cuz its everywhere. So Had a pretty good weekend, stayed up way to late(early) into the morning, think I went to bed when my parents were waking up, yeah because she called me about an hour after I passed out! Women! I was mad Grrrrrrrrr...........Just went bar hoping down in Newport/Tustin, but I noticed we always end up back at my house, always have the best time there anyways AFTER PARTY! Not really a party just the crew.

So an example to how odd my family is, I told my mom and sister that I was going to get a new couch on Sunday that my roomate inquired from her grandparents, so my sis could have hers back. Well I went and got the couch but after that all my buddies had to work or either do there prior engagments, so I had no one to help me with the couch. Not figuring it was a big deal if I didnt get them there couch back ASAP, well guessed wrong I had my mom yelling at me on my phone telling me how rude, and called me about 3 times throughout the day requesting the couch get brought to her, I dont know if she thinks Im the Hulk or some shit, but Im like How thw hell am I suppose to get that huge ass couch down to her house? Even if she help my mom is like 100 lbs. if that, she'll do alot of help, all 5' foot nothing of her, then I have my sister on top off that calling me also, blah blah blah, I was already out enjoying my weeking at a bar b que, trying not to worry about that damn couch anymore! Aurgh! She started saying how shes waiting at her friends house for me and she has a truck and when am I going to be home (Jump Holly Jump!) or when my roomates are going to be home and if they can go home now, Im was just like....WAIT! I am busy right now, hanging out, I dont have the time or patience to deal with moving furniture or anything for that matter, we will do it tommorrow night when I have the time and I will be able to do it, I made no promises to take it over there tonight, I am busy right now and I am not leaving to take you the couch, plus it was 10 oclock at night. I handled it very well, not to stern, but usually I just hang up if they start getting loud, but I just put my foot dowm. Its hard being the youngest in the family, I dont get to do that very often, I have a very demanding sister who I love to death but is very bosy, and It felt kinda nice to jump at my own time, not everyone elses.

Wow all over a stupid couch huh!

Besides that my weekend was great =)

I feel better..............exhale.................


j/k not that bad! Thats kinda sad, my extent of drama.


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