Monday, August 30, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey Amber............

Its been a long time since Ive written anything, Ive been busy, too busy

Well, whats new? My birthday happen, we went to Dave and Busters to celebrate, I got a lot of sweet stuff: 1, 2, 3 seasons of Sex and the City on DVD.....Gift certifict to Burke Williams (nice!) Gift Certifict to my favorite clothing store (V-Generation) and so much more, and on top of that they threw me a surprise party! Damn was I surprised I had no idea, I got scared I walked in the other room. Ive never had a surprise party thats the best part, all my buddies were there, I got supper smashed, then surprise my weirdo-ex from freshman year of high school shows up at my door, oh by the way he just got out of jail (the 5 time now, I lost count?!) He stayed I didnt want to be rude, I feel bad he looks all cracked out, I dont think he has a place he is staying at either so I figured what would be the worst that could happen by letting him stay for a while, after all I havent seen him for a while and considering all the fucked up shit he has pulled on me I feel a bit of responsibility, im probally the only steady thing he knows (I man that by not a gangsta, druggie, drunk or low life) they make me look normal. Damn that kid has had a hard life and I feel terrible for him, but I dont want to be responsible for him. Well Everything was well ackward but barable up untill he started insulting all my friends and trying to fight one of my best friends boyfriend, who is my good friend. Not cool, I dont know who this kid thinks he is comming into my house on my birthday drinking my beer eating my food trying to fight my friends! All of them! I dont understand, I was completely drunk when all this was going on, okay I was passed out in bed, but this is the drama I get to wake up to in the morning, argh!

To Be Continued....................


At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Holly - we missed you
Love Always
Piggy (RIP)
Hermit Crab 1
Hermit Crab 2
Hermit Crab 3
Hermit Crab 4
Hermit Crab 5
All the household ants
and flys


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