Thursday, August 05, 2004

Deep Thoughts

So I've come to the conclusion, I hate mornings.

I did not want to wake up this morning! I went to be some what early, maybe I just feel like I know that there is going to be nothing going on in the morning besides going to work, busting my ass and well going home and sitting in about 1-1.5 hrs in traffic (good old 405 freeway!) Its sad but Ive come to the conclusionn that im a 21 year old fun loving kid how really is too young to be feeling like a 65 year old women ( please dont take personally if 65 years old) I need a job where I can screw around all day and smoke cigarettes and shoot the shit. It kinda sucks when your the only one stuck in the office (Hence me doing this blog) I have just way to much to say and well im sick of talking to myself.

I think Im gonna milk as much as I can outta this place with what is left acourse, Im done being the only one who really care. I was telling my friend, its like a disfunctional relationship, where you feel like your the only one who puts any effort into trying to keep it alive. How did I even get to this point?

So I told my sister I have one of these so I made a deal with here, she can read it as long as its not in front of me, kinda embaressing, but she doesnt understand how i would feel uncomfortable with here reading it and letting abunch of strangers read it. Huh, kinda makes scence? But not to me, I like the fact that I can say as much as I want and feel and not have to face anyone, and explain myself. I got a slight problem with putting my foot in my mouth, I just dont feel the need to lie and well if people want the honest opinion Im just gonna have to give it to them (only if asked though) I dont just go around flaunting my opinions or beliefs on people, I hate that, people are given there own minds to think for themselves, not to listen to me. Even though they could probaly learn a thing or two. Definentialy not spelling though.

Funny how once you start rambling you start out with hating mornings to ending with not being able to spell. Wow thats deep!


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