Friday, July 30, 2004


Thank god for that!

So what do say, hmmm............Im planning on going out ALOT this weekend, had a pretty tough week at work, so I think I deserve it. Usually end up hyping the weekends up, but we always end up at the same place, but its always turns out fun. Im trying to decide what to do for my b-day and Ive narrowed it down to three choices: 1) San Francisco--never been but not to sure on the $ situation, 2) Street scene down in San Diego, theres alot of cool bands I wanna go rock out to, and finally 3) Just enjoy having my own place with my roomies and throw a party! Kinda sucks though when the partys at your house have to worry about all the people messing it up. So Im up in the air with this! I think I'll leave it up to my friends to decide, I really dont care just wanna have a good time. On my 21st b-day (last year) I got food poisioning so that ruinned my whole night! So I wanna make up for it.

Well enough of that.............Ive been wanting to take up gutiar, spelling probaly wrong, since I figure music is pretty much a great part of my life and how I know way more about it then lets say.............well, alot. I tried it for the first time and let me say how much my finger tips hated me afterwords, it hurts! Im sensitive ;) But the more Ive been told the more you play eventually you wont feel anything! So Ive been trying to write songs but Im not quite comfty sharing them yet, so give me time and hopefully I can come up with something to share on here.

Well Tata for Now!


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